Types of Tombstones & Finishes

No two tombstones are the same and at “Legziel & Galinos” we are committed to ensuring that you can find a suitable tombstone for your loved one who has left, which truly reflects his being and your connection to him.

The memorial monuments we offer range from elegant and traditional memorial monuments to more spacious designs such as reclining monuments, which allow more space for writing and decorative elements such as a lantern or flower vase.

We also offer special products such as sculptures and small monuments, custom tombstones and monuments for children, which can incorporate a design or a favorite figure for a particularly personal touch.

In addition, we provide a wide range of additional decorative items such as photo boards, vases and tomb ornaments to add a unique feature to the resting place.

In the past, cemeteries in Israel were less crowded, and each deceased was given a proper plot of land, but over the years, as the density of cemeteries increased, the authorities began to reduce the burial area for the deceased and these are now buried in this area to the original size, but should contain two or more deceased.

Types of Tombstones

Dual tombstone

A dual tombstone is one large and wide tombstone or two matching tombstones for two deceased buried side by side, in the original size.

The tombstone serves as a shared memory for the two deceased.

double tombstones


Granite is not only strong stone but also beautiful, it comes in many colors including black, red, blue and gray.

Granite is the most durable stone of all and is very suitable for the Israeli weather. 

Granite can be polished or honed (matte), and offers a wide range of options.

Granite polishing reflects the true beauty and deep color of the stone but there is also the option of a sharpened finish, for a more matte look.


Turkish marble

Turkish marble, imported from the island of Marmara in Turkey, is durable and very strong marble of the highest quality. Turkish marble comes in a bluish-gray color with natural stripes or stains in a gray hue. A Turkish marble monument is a prestigious and very impressive commemoration, which can reflect the wealth of the deceased. Thanks to its quality and durability, Turkish marble tombstones do not require regular maintenance.

turkish marble


The color shades of Hebron marble are from white to cream in all its shades. Hebron marble veins with gray / brown marks.

Hebron marble is not recommended for use near trees or damp areas.

Having Hebron will always get a finely polished finish that is very smooth but never polished.

hebron marble


These are the most common finishes for memorial stones in Israel. Which one you choose will be dictated by personal taste but also according to the directives of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the specific cemetery. We can advise you as part of the ordering process.

Polished All visible areas of the tombstone are polished, except for any design work or inward-facing surfaces.

Suitable for any cemetery.

Sharpened A sharpened finish can best be described as an ‘eggshell’ finish.

Although it is particularly smooth – it does not reflect light and is especially suitable for most cemeteries in Israel.

Part Polished The polished or honed area of a tombstone is limited before the caption and to the top of the base if possible.

All other surfaces of the tombstone will be sawn and sanded or rubbed according to your choice of tombstone.

Pitched A beveled finish is one that is achieved by using a chisel and a hammer that give a finish to its condition as well.